Employment Contracts

We draft and review employment contracts.

An employment contract that sets out the terms and conditions of an employee’s employment with an employer.

An employment contract can vary in length and complexity. At its simplest, an employment contract may be a letter from the employer and signed by the employee setting out the employee’s start date, title, job description remuneration and benefits. An employment contract may be more formal, taking the form of a formal contract with detailed terms and conditions.

In addition to the standard terms of employment, an employment contract may deal with the following matters:

  • clarify probationary period wherein the employee may be terminated without notice;
  • set out the notice of pay in lieu of notice to be provided by an employer where an employee is terminated without cause;
  • describe the circumstances in which an employee may be terminated with cause;
  • incorporate standards set out in employee handbooks and policies into the employment contract;
  • ensure an employee’s work product is the property of and assigned to the employer;
  • protection of confidential information and intellectual property;
  • ensure an employee is unable to compete with the employer for a specified period following termination; and
  • confirm the employee has had an opportunity to obtain independent legal advice.

At Burshtein Law, we commonly draft employment agreements ranging from standard entry-level employment contracts to complex employment contracts for executives.

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