Legal Services

List of legal services.


We draft and review partnership agreements. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Joint Ventures

We assist with the structuring of joint ventures and drafting of joint venture agreements.

Share Purchases and Sales

We assist our clients with the purchase and sale of shares. Contact us to learn more.

Due Diligence Reviews

Due diligence reviews are typically conducted prior to purchasing, investing in or contracting with a corporation.

Partnership Agreements

We draft and review partnership agreements.

Employment Contracts

We draft and review employment contracts.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Our lawyers draft and review independent contractor agreements.

IT Contracts

We review and draft a variety of information technology (IT) contracts.

Estate Freezes

An estate freeze is a transaction to allow the growth of a business to accumulate in shares of the next generation.

Family Trusts

We work with our clients and their financial advisors to create family trusts as part of an estate plan.


Rollovers are transactions undertaken pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) which permits property to be transferred to a corporation at its cost, thereby deferring capital gains.

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