Estate Freezes

An estate freeze is a transaction to allow the growth of a business to accumulate in shares of the next generation.

We understand the complexity and challenge involved in transferring control of your business to the next generation. We regularly advise clients on business succession planning in order to minimize taxes, ensure an orderly transfer of control and to prevent disputes.

One of the most common business succession planning tools is an estate freeze. As part of an estate freeze, the owner of a business will exchange their shares for freeze shares, freezing the value of the shares on the transfer date. Any future growth in the business will be realized in the common shares which are issued to the next generation as part of the estate freeze.

We are familiar with estate freezes and succession planning and regularly work with our clients and their financial team to achieve their goals. If you would like to discuss business succession planning or estate freezes with one of our lawyers, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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